Data breaches continue to rise...
Data loss is often times due to unintentional actions by employees...
Many businesses do not think they are a target
Small businesses are not immune...

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It starts with Awareness.  Find Me Cyber exists to help you navigate the wacky world of Cyber Security.  We are particularly here to help freelancers and micro-business owners.  But all consumers can benefit. We know you don't have time and need facts to stay aware, and perhaps some tips on how to stay safe.





Appreciation of the problem is a great first step.  Become aware of threats that your business faces in a connected world.






Get insights and ideas on how to ensure your business remains a difficult target in the war against cyber-crime. 







Taking action and implementing is the next logical step! Feel secure by incorporating your new found knowledge into your life.


Step 1. Understand the Problem

  • Over the past two and half years, cyber-criminals have managed to steal over $2.3 billion from thousands of companies worldwide by using little more than carefully crafted scam emails - Source
  • 75% of legitimate websites have vulnerabilities that potentially expose them - and anyone who visits their sites - Source
cyber atack

cyber atack

... the problem is not going away...


In 2016, it was reported four (4) new strands of malware were found every second.  Source


It is has been predicted that cybercrime damages will cost $6 trillion annually by 2021.  


We are more connected than ever.  Up to 200 billion IoT devices will need securing by 2020.  


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Our goal is to increase awareness of cyber risk and hopefully help more people think about how to stay safe in our hyper connected world. We are not here to scare you. But the truth is that cyber risk is real and can impact almost every person and business.

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