Do you use email? If so, you probably should read (and watch) this.



Surprisingly (or perhaps not), email is still alive and kicking.  It remains a dominant form of communication. This is why it is crucial for freelancers and small business owners (and well, anyone really) to be smart about identifying legitimate vs. malicious emails that arrive in our inbox.

As part of our Talk Cyber to Me Series, we spoke with Scott Carlton to gain deeper insight into email attacks and scams.  We actually covered a lot of material in our conversation.  Since we did not want to overwhelm you, below are some salient excerpts from our conversation. (hint: more can be found on our YouTube channel).

We asked Scott a basic question to start things off.  What are the different types of email attacks and scams one may encounter? Check out the video to find out more.

What about phishing attacks?  These are the emails that are trying to get login credentials or similar types of information to gain access to your online accounts.

You may be asking - what about email spoofing and malware attachments?? Check it out below. 

In this clip, Scott provides some basic tips on how to prevent SPAM and other email attacks.  One key takeaway – don’t be in a rush to open that message!  Think before you click. 

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About Scott Carlton:  Scott has over 30 years of experience in Information Technology and Operations with deep experience in cyber security. His prior experience includes Whole Security, Symantec Corporation and Adometry to name a few.  He’s the founder and CEO of Audience Forensics, where they detect botnets and other bad activity in online advertising.


About Find Me Cyber:  We live in an interconnected world, which has brought unimaginable conveniences.  Unfortunately, there is a price for luxury and we as small business owners must stay educated and protected.  The goal of Find Me Cyber is to do just that – educate and remind business owners and self-employed professionals of these risks and offer ideas for protection