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Have you considered using a VPN (Virtual Private Network)? 


Here are three options to consider:

Private Internet Access (According to PIA: "Private Internet Access is the only proven no logging consumer VPN service and has been PC Mag's Editor Choice for years running")

Pure VPN (According to PureVPN: "A complete 360° solution that creates encrypted VPN tunnels, restricts malware, viruses, annoying ads and filters unwanted content")

Nord VPN (According to NordVPN: "NordVPN maintains 3200+ servers in 60 countries, DoubleVPN servers for increased security and Support 24/7 (Live) support")


Have you tried a Password Manager?  Convenient way to generate strong passwords and keep them safe!

Here an option to consider:


Dashlane (According to Dashlane “We are the only password manager with a completely zero-knowledge security architecture. We received best app of 2015 by both Google and Apple”)


Or maybe you just want to create a random password "on-demand" - check out this nifty Password Generator tool. Password Generator:  Create a complicated, random password

How secure is your password anyways?  This site will tell you. 

Would you like a secure email solution?  You may want to consider ProtonMail 

Do you use a backup service?  Its a great way to make sure you don't loose your stuff

iDrive (According to their site, they are a three time winner of "editor's choice" award) In addition to the link, you can also use the promo code "findmecybe" to sign up.  

Are you curious about how strong the encryption is for a website you are visiting? Put it through the SSL Server Test

...more to come!

*Yes, some of these are affiliate links.  We still strive to provide only the finest, we cannot guarantee its the "best of the best".  Hopefully this helps makes your life a little easier and provides some guidance in your evaluation process (read disclaimer)*

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Educate yourself and employees. Make them aware of the risk and what precautions to take.




Explore Anti-Spyware programs - but like all things, make sure it is offered by a reputable company

(perhaps the same place you purchase anti-virus software).




When you aren't using your laptop, don't simply leave it around and available for others to use.




Establish a password policy for you and your employees - passwords should be strong, random and it is wise to change them frequently.




Buy a shredder - remember, it is NOT just digital files that are susceptible to cyber crime!




Make sure you have an anti-virus program installed and it is kept up to date.




Be careful what you download and what links you click!  This is most important for your employees.  




Consider password protection of your computer, key files and wireless (WiFi) connection. 




Consider using a "Virtual Private Network (VPN)" to ensure that all your traffic is encrypted when you are on a public wireless network. VPN solutions are available for personal computers and mobile platforms.


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Here are some other things to consider...

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Education is still key

We have said this before, and we will say it again.  Being aware is essential to ensure that you and your employees are fully protected :


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Oh, You may want to consider...

  • Talk to friends about what they do.
  • Post tips at your office (home or building) to remind yourself or employees of the importance of Cyber Safety.
  • Be careful what you share on social media - need need to advertise every detail of your life to make it easy for "bad actors" to have more research to hack your life. 
  • Network with people in IT/Technology.
  • Ask "stupid" questions.  Unless you are a professional, there is no shame in not knowing!.
  • Share this site! (shameless promotion).
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