It starts with Awareness

My name is Neil Rekhi, and I want to talk about Awareness. And no – this is not an introduction to yoga or meditation!


I’m talking about being aware of the fact we live in a hyper connected world.  All our computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones are integrated with the world wide web. 


Being interconnected has brought conveniences we have never experienced in history.  Unfortunately, there is a price for luxury. 


And that is where cyber risks come in.  Individuals that do not have good intentions are aggressively trying to gain access to our information for financial gain or even for fun.  This is the first in a series of video blogs that will focus on cyber risk.  


I am a small business owner and I have become aware of this problem and want to share what I learn.  Quite frankly, we are the easiest targets.  I’ll be curating and sharing my research as well as working with experts to get information we need to be aware and safe. 


As simple as it sounds, being aware is actually half the battle – many of us to do not want to think about this or know to think about it. But this is a big issue for small business as it is for big business.  


So ask yourself:  Do you use the internet to conduct business? Do you store customer or employee information on your computer or online?


These are some basic risk factors – there are more issues to consider.


I invite you to find out more at and keep an eye out for more video post casts. To recap – awareness is a great start…Stay tuned!