Take Your Cyber Vitamins

Welcome back fellow entrepreneurs - Lets talk about not getting sick.  


I am not talking about catching a cold or some infection.  


What I am talking about when our laptops or other computing devices get sick.  I am referring to “computer viruses” – which usually come about due to holes in our computers security system.



Fortunately, there is some preventive medicine available to help detect these infections before it gets really bad.


Now, I’m not endorsing any specific anti-virus program – but what I am endorsing is using one!  There are free tools out there but also paid ones – you can do your own research and find out whats best for you.


These should be installed on all computing devices and kept up to date.  You can usually set it so it will update automatically – so really there are no excuses for not keeping it updated.


Like all preventive measures, nothing will absolutely guarantee you will not get a virus or intrusion.  But this is better than nothing.  And if my opinion, it is totally worth the investment.


Your business, my business, its our livelihood – lets protect it the best we can. 


The world has changed – where we used to worry about someone stealing our physical stuff – our digital information is up for grabs.


So to recap – if you don’t have anti-virus software, get some!  Some anti-virus programs offer some nifty other features as well– I encourage you to email or call your anti-virus company and learn more about what you can get out of it.